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Fellow Developer, are you credible?

Why Trustworthiness Is So Important.

Hey everyone, Adrian here.

Today, I want to share some thoughts on a topic close to my heart: developer credibility. It's about how often we need discipline to get things done and how we deal with that little voice saying, "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I just want to watch Netflix."

The Struggle with Credibility

We recently discussed developer credibility on Our Tech Journey1 with

, and , additionally inspired by a story from a fellow entrepreneur on Twitch who shared his story.

Though a bit sad, his story reflects a reality many of us face. I've been in this business for 24 years and have seen—and made—plenty of mistakes. It's amazing how quickly a few bad decisions can threaten an entire company, affecting everyone's livelihoods.

To keep a company running smoothly, we must act maturely and responsibly. Good communication and teamwork are essential. Blaming others for problems is easy, but reflecting on our actions is more productive. Are we doing everything we can to make things better? Are we taking ownership, mentoring others, and introducing good practices? Before pointing fingers, we need to ensure we’re doing our part.


Many developers struggle with responsibility, often finding excuses instead of taking ownership

Think about it: Are you someone others can rely on? Do you consistently contribute positively, even when no one is watching? Many developers struggle with responsibility, often finding excuses instead of taking ownership. This lack of discipline and abundance of resistance—like the kind Steven Pressfield talks about in "The War of Art"2—is a common issue.

Discipline vs. Resistance

How often do you feel inspired to work? How often do you have to push yourself to get things done? If that inner voice of resistance is frequent, it might be a sign to work on your trustworthiness.

I face this challenge myself, sometimes failing to post on LinkedIn despite promising to do so. It's okay to slip up occasionally, but overall, we must strive to be reliable and consistently contribute to our surroundings—our family, colleagues, and peers.

🍪 Finding the right balance is essential, and more importantly, trying to improve consistently – that is a safe recipe for becoming more credible.

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Responsibility and Ownership

Taking responsibility and ownership is crucial for a company's success. As developers, we must act like engineers, caring for our coding tasks and the broader company environment. Being responsible and communicative can elevate our team's credibility, making business stakeholders more likely to trust our insights and decisions.

Becoming a Trustworthy Developer

To be trustworthy, we must contribute to our surroundings—friends, family, colleagues—before pointing fingers at others. It might be time to move on if we've genuinely tried to improve our environment and still find it unchangeable. However, before reaching that point, we must take full responsibility for our actions and their impact on the company.

Have you?


A Final Thought

Reflect on your inner resistance and discipline. We can improve our team's credibility by consistently acting responsibly and setting a positive example. This improvement will make stakeholders more likely to value our input and decisions. As developers, we must bridge the gap between technical expertise and trustworthiness, becoming reliable partners rather than just service providers.

Thanks for joining me in this reflection on developer responsibility and credibility. Let’s keep striving for excellence and trustworthiness in our professional lives.

Have a lovely Sunday,


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