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From Legacy To Leading-Edge

From Legacy To Leading-Edge

Deep Dive Into Legacy Migrations with Strangler Fig

Welcome to the latest episode of the CTOFellows Podcast, where technology leaders come together to explore high-level topics and challenges in the tech world. In this episode, our hosts, Camila Merino and

of , join me in a deep dive into the complexities of legacy system migrations and modernization.

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The Strangler Fig Approach

We discuss the nuances of transitioning from legacy systems to more modern, efficient architectures. Our conversation covers various topics, including the Strangler Fig pattern, the critical path for successful migrations, and the role of continuous delivery in these processes.

The Strangler Fig approach, coined by Martin Fowler1, is a software development method for gradually transitioning from a legacy system to a new system. It involves incrementally replacing parts of the old system with new functionalities, akin to how a Strangler Fig tree envelops and supplants a host tree.

This method maintains system functionality during the transition, reducing the risks associated with a complete overhaul. It facilitates continuous modernization and learning, ensuring that the new system doesn’t morph into a replica of the old, monolithic architecture it replaces. This approach is particularly valuable in complex environments where an immediate complete system replacement is impractical or risky.

Choosing the right target platform for migrations

We also delve into the practical aspects of choosing the right target for migration, focusing on cloud-native solutions and the benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS) for small to medium-sized businesses.

Not just for seniors!

Our discussion is not just technical; it’s also about the people behind the technology. We highlight the importance of team dynamics, the challenges junior developers face, and how to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Join us as we navigate the journey from recognizing the need for migration, defining the migration path, and successfully executing it while maintaining the spirit of the original system. Whether you're a seasoned CTO, a budding developer, or just interested in the evolving landscape of technology leadership, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice.

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