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Developers, get your hands off the infrastructure

Instead use it to create features and value.

Hello Fellows,

Reflecting on the last 15 years running my tech company, I’ve realized that managing infrastructure can often become a black hole for time and resources. It’s been quite the journey—from being the 'boss' handling servers with our admin in a tiny data center to now, where cloud solutions have lifted many burdens off our shoulders.

Yet, despite these advancements, I see many small companies still overwhelmed by unnecessarily complex setups.

I remember the days when managing infrastructure felt like a badge of honor—complicated AWS configurations, late nights fixing server issues, and backup tapes almost becoming part of the family!

But let’s be honest, was all that complexity really worth it? I thought it was necessary for a long time until I realized how much it distracted us from our core mission:

Creating value for our customers.

Switching to Platform-as-a-Service was a revelation. It dramatically simplified our operations, cutting costs and freeing our team to focus on what we do best. In my upcoming video, I want to share this journey with you. Why keep wrestling with infrastructure when you can streamline it and get back to innovating?

Stay tuned

📣 In the next article, I will discuss how we implement Platform-as-a-Service with SMB companies and our “cloudbar” B2B products.

With Zero Ops-Personel.

Additionally, I am talking about this topic on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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