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The 15-Minute Rule For Developers

How to unstuck the learning progress get into a flow again.

Too often, I see developers stuck in their challenges while progress stagnates and the mood drops to frustration. While some seniors in the team perform very well, aspiring developers feel left behind and stuck. Unfortunately, this is quite often the case.

This isn’t a sign of a high-performing team. Here’s my take on why this happens and how we can address it:

The Core Issue

Developers often spend too much time trying to solve problems independently. Under the guise of learning, many hesitate to admit their struggles, fearing judgment. This slows down individual progress and can hold up the entire team.

In many teams, there's a culture where senior developers are viewed more as benchmarks of success rather than as mentors. This can create an environment where juniors flounder in silence rather than seek guidance.

Implementing the 15-Minute Rule

To combat this issue, I advocate for the 15-minute Rule. This approach can transform the team dynamic and boost overall productivity. Here’s how to implement it effectively:

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