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React vs Vanilla JavaScript

Modern Frontend Development

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In the latest episode of our podcast, 'Our Tech Journey– Vanilla vs. Frameworks,' we explore the dynamic world of front-end web development. Joined by

, a technical and leadership coach, and Camilla, a junior front-end developer, we discuss the evolving practices and technologies in the field. Our conversation spans a range of topics, from the basic use of vanilla JavaScript to the complex functionalities of frameworks or libraries like React.

Throughout the episode, we delve into the practical benefits of TypeScript, underscoring its role in improving team dynamics and project management. We also emphasize the importance of coding best practices, particularly focusing on linting and the establishment of clear coding standards.

A pivotal aspect of our discussion is the strategic dimension of technology choices in a business context. We shed light on how the selection of frameworks such as React is influenced by business strategy, going beyond mere technical considerations.

This episode presents diverse perspectives, covering strategic decisions at a high level and detailed coding practices. It is tailored for a wide audience, from developers and tech enthusiasts to anyone curious about the intricacies of modern web development. The insights shared aim to provide valuable knowledge to experienced professionals and those new to the field.

We also mentioned Tailwind CSS, which will be the upcoming episode. Take a look at my article regarding Tailwind.

React & Clean Architecture #1 – Denis’s take

  1. TypeScript in Team Environments: Discussing the advantages of TypeScript for enhancing collaboration and project coherence in team settings.

  2. Comparative Analysis of Vanilla JavaScript vs. Frameworks: Delving into the merits and drawbacks of using vanilla JavaScript as opposed to popular frameworks like React.

  3. Best Practices in Coding and Linting: Sharing insights on the importance of adhering to coding standards and best practices, particularly in linting and code quality.

  4. Role of Frameworks in Business Strategy: Emphasizing how the choice of a framework like React is deeply intertwined with business strategy and not just based on technical factors.

  5. Evolving Landscape of Web Development: Exploring the current state and future trends in web development, focusing on the dynamic nature of technologies and practices in the field.

  6. Practical Insights for Developers: Providing practical advice and insights for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field of web development.

React & Clean Architecture #2 – Adrian’s take

React & it’s ecosystem – It’s a business decision

Frontend & Modern Web Standards

My perception of Frontend / Backend Ratio is about 80/20

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